We provide a guest registration management service to make it easy to provide information, collect registration and scan them at the entrance to avoid the horrible paper excel lists:
Invitation emails
Website creation including forms for registrations and information for your guests
Reports on your registered attendees
QR code confirmation
SMS reminder before the event
Scan upon arrival
Post event report including no-shows for a follow-up
Upload of pictures of the event for your guests to access them easily.


Keeping your group of attendees together, making the experience seemingless can be done with a great organization : a hostess with signage guiding your guest to the parking and coming along to guide them at the entrance of the venue, bus at your disposal waiting for the event to be over, and why not use this logistical aspect to create more visibility by branding your vehicle ?

Rooftop swimming pool at night Paseo de gracia


It’s among the key aspects of your event : the hotel location, its distance from the event venue, its capacity to accommodate as many of your attendees as possible, its quality and cost ratio… Before major congresses, we book the best rooms in advance, but we also provide a customized research service :

We do an hotel evaluation based on a set of requirements.
You choose out of our tailor made selection.
We purchase the block rooms.
We manage the rooming lists and communications with the hotel.

Hostess holding a sign to guide audience towards their exclusive venue in Eze Village during DTW


Be it for security (at your booth at night or at your event), for guiding your guests to the vehicle or to the event venue, the right staff is necessary and we select them for you. We interview each candidate, we ensure they are the right fit : perfect English, smile, can do attitude.