MWC 2017: Tips for a successful Happy Hour

MWC is coming soon and many companies will start to organize their Happy Hour to create opportunities for networking during the show.

If you are an Exhibitor you will have to close your stand at 7pm unless you are in Hall 2 or 3. So, that means that most of you will have to hold your events outside the show, here are some important tips to run it as smoothly as possible:

1. The venue location is the key, so pick the right one!

Make it simple and quick for your guests to find where your Happy Hour is.

For sure, you will increase your guest list if you choose a location that is convenient for your target audience.

A venue near the show is easy for people to get to once they finish their last business meeting inside the Fira Gran via.

Remember last years? strike and taxi queuing in front of the Fira Gran via? - A nightmare! If you select a venue close to the show, you can avoid these out-of-control factors.

In terms of planning the date for your happy hour, Monday and Tuesday are the best days. The perfect time to start is from 6pm

2. Adopt the right mood! It is a Happy Hour, make it relaxed and favorable for discussion.

After an exhausting day your guests should be dreaming about a lounge style venue where they can cool down a bit.

They can sit and sip on their favorite beer or a good glass of wine while tasting delicious Spanish tapas.

It is a perfect atmosphere to make your guests mingle & unwind.

3. Offer entertainment value.

Having the right entertainment that matches your target audience and event style is a must for a successful event!

This will leave your guests a memory that they will never forget. Isn?t it exactly what you are looking for ?

For a Happy hour we will recommend a relaxed & cosy entertainment such as brief neck and shoulder massage, soft music played by a professional DJ, or a jazzy live band with some of the finest tastings of whiskey.

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